“MEP CARES” is the Corporate Social Responsibility motto of Middle East Power.

It is defined as MEP’s constant commitment to include in our corporate practices economic, social, and environmental actions, which are above and beyond legislative requirements and relate to a broad range of stakeholders—everyone influenced by our activities.

MEP strives for a comprehensive CSR program which includes stakeholder analysis, comprehensive strategy design that includes workplace, marketplace, societal/environmental dimensions, activation programs, and measuring and reporting.

In simpler terms, “MEP CARES” is about:

  • Understanding the context and issues within which our employees operate, making the best choices we can, and continually progressing our role.
  • Maintaining the desire to improve as a company.
  • Establishing the structure/systems to ensure we have the intended impact.
  • Leveraging activities to bring value to the company.

More than anything, it is about MEP’s solid commitment, a  difficult yet crucial quality to cultivate in a business.