Our Story

Founded in 2010 MEP is a true success story.

Benefitting from TKG’s extensive regional network, robust financial support, and decades of public / private partnership experience in the region, MEP has rapidly established itself as a leading figure in the development of the energy sector across the Middle East and  in Africa.

Focusing its initial investment in Kurdistan, MEP has transformed the region’s supply of electricity through the reconstruction and full rehabilitation of two defective power plants. Both projects, restored to international standards, now operate at full capacity, providing invaluable power to the local community. Building upon these, MEP continues to utilize its regional expertise and growing connections across MENA to further invest in the energy sector via rehabilitation, expert operation and maintenance of power plants.

MEP is also exploring the opportunities to further extend its reputation into the domain of power plant construction and distribution. With headquarters in Beirut, branches in Erbil and Baghdad, and supported by TKG branches, MEP continues to strategically expand in order to benefit its public and private sector clients the best engineering, procurement and construction work possible.