Awards and Accreditations

MAN PrimeServ, The Special Customer MAN 48/60 SCALE-DOWN Model Trophy

Middle East Power received from MAN PrimeServ the Special Customer MAN 48/60 SCALE-DOWN model Trophy as a token of appreciation and mutual cooperation for the Operation and Maintenance of Reciprocating Engine Power Plant between both companies during MAN’s (official) site visit to Zouk REPP.

In the picture, MAN representative handing the trophy to our COO Mr. Yahya Mawloud in presence of engineers Mr. Ayman Majanini and Mr. Ralph Daou.










Bassel ALawar, Training on 800xA Engineering – ABB, Norway

  • The system development related to ABB PLCs.
  • Hardware and network configuration on PROFIBUS and MODBUS.
  • Development and hard coding on PLC level.
  • The development of the human interface with a pre-requisite from T315C, Alarms and events management
  • The general operations of the complete system.






Ralph Antoine Daou, Training on Engine 18V4860B – MAN , Germany

  • Engine design and data
  • Systems on the engine
  • Maintenance tasks up to 6000 hours’ service.
  • Cylinder head advanced maintenance.
  • Re-machining of engine parts
  • Bearings advanced maintenance