Success Story in Dohuk

When the Dohuk power plant was first constructed, it supplied invaluable power to the entire province. But over time, the plant suffered heavily from lack of spare parts and the limited availability of diesel oil. By the time the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Electricity had selected MEP, two of the plant’s Diesel Engines were out of commission, its systems were in a state of collapse, and the morale of local staff was exceptionally low.
MEP was determined to change things for the better. In 2010, it embarked upon a transformative rehabilitation, introducing market-leading technologies, overhauling the damaged systems and returning the plant to a faultless condition. MEP’s emphasis upon in-house solutions ensured that its own technical staff handled the entire project as they implemented dynamic solutions for each challenge that arose. After much hard work, the plant was restored to full capacity. Nearby hospitals, which had suffered blackouts during the plant’s diminished power output, had regular electricity restored. Businesses were revitalized. MEP’s seven-year contract with the Ministry guarantees that the plant will carry on being operated and maintained to the highest standards and that the region can continue to rely on consistent energy production to empower their economy.

“People used to laugh that the Dohuk power plant would be more useful to the province as a dancing hall. But since MEP’s rehabilitation of the plant, and its ongoing investment in operation and maintenance, we have returned to full productivity. It has generated significant success, both for our government and the individual. “
Mr. Mohammed Ali
Operations Manager at the Dohuk Plant – Iraq

MEP People

MEP is proud to place corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business. Employing a significant percentage of local workers within the power plants, MEP invests heavily in their professional development through regular technical training. With a firm belief in the importance of development across the Arab World, MEP seeks to ensure that local communities benefit directly from the employment opportunities of ongoing education that the energy sector offers. “Prior to the rehabilitation, our local team found it challenging to maintain the technical condition of Erbil’s power plant. But since MEP arrived, their enormous emphasis upon ongoing and practical training has ensured that the team now gains invaluable experience every day on the job. Not only does the plant generate electricity for the region, but it provides the best professional experience for a local engineer.”
Peshraw Saeed
Plant Manager – Ministry of Electricity – Kurdistan – Iraq

Soren Hougaard Andersen

“MEP has done tremendous work.  Taking on both power stations in a highly dilapidated condition, MEP contracted the best multi-national service experts to rehabilitate them, overhauling the entire control system and obtaining all spare parts.  Their resourceful approach to a testing challenge means that, quite literally, the plants have been brought back to life.“

Soren Hougaard Andersen
Proposals & Concepts Generation Services at BWSC

Semih Ege


“It has been an unexpectedly great experience to cooperate and develop business with MEP. A great team is creating valuable opportunities and great management skills expediting the hard work schedule. Seeing your dedication and passion not only for business but also for your beautiful country was inspirational… “

Semih Ege