Erbil and Dohuk Power Plants – IRAQ

Built by international contractors led by the Danish Company BWSC, the Erbil & Dohuk Diesel Engines Power Plants supplied critical power to the entire province. Over time, the two plants suffered heavily from lack of spare parts and the limited availability of diesel oil. Both plants gradually fell into disrepair until all power production had ceased by 2007. By the time the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Electricity had selected MEP to take over the projects. The Plant’s Diesel Engines were out of commission, operating systems were in a state of collapse, and the morale of local staff was exceptionally low.

Determined to restore the plants to their full power production capacity, MEP transformed the plant’s systems, updated the software, operation programs, and put in place a highly skilled team of professionals with the International expertise to work alongside the existing team. The projects were a resounding MEP success. Remaining responsible for its ongoing operations and maintenance, MEP has ensured that the power plants continue to operate at full capacity since its restoration, providing much-needed energy to the region.