Zouk and Jiyeh Power Plants – LEBANON

On January 2017, MEP has signed a 5 years O&M contract for Two Power Plants: Zouk 198 MW and Jiyeh 78 MW Reciprocating Engine Power Plants, in Lebanon. Zouk and Jiyeh Power Plants consist of 14 x MAN 18V48/60B Reciprocating Engines currently operating on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) with a provision for future Gas conversion, along with a Steam Turbine in a combined cycle configuration, HFO treatment systems, Desalination, Demineralized Water Systems, Firefighting and Fire Alarms, Black Start Diesel Generator (BSDG) , Incinerator and Sludge Handling Systems along with all their necessary Auxiliaries and equipment. The Two Power Plants were commissioned on July 2016, and since then they were shut down for almost 7 months without any preservation activities or precautions. MEP took over the plants, flushed all the systems, conducted the mechanical cleaning of all waste heat recovery boilers WHRBs, rectified design issues left out by the contractor, re-serviced the out of service equipment and operated the plants. The Operator took upon his shoulders, due to the lack of any Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) missed out by the contractors, the employment of additional resources to carry out the planning of the maintenance activities, the procurement of the necessary spare parts and the implementation of a systematic work order/work reporting system for both plants using his experience, diligence and relentless work coupled with a radical goal oriented approach. After a year of successful operation, MEP has displayed commitment & efficiency in their O&M practice delivering Energy seamlessly to the Power Sector in Lebanon, proven at harsh and demanding times. In fact, as a testimony to this statement, MEP was able to attain an Availability of 98% for the year 2017, which exceeds the contract objective of 92.5% for both Zouk and Jiyeh Power Plants. This equates to around 133 GWh of additional supply for the first year of operation.